Practice What You Preach

Ahh…finally sitting down to the computer.  It’s been a stressful night.  Homework, homework, homework.   And guess what?  I’m not even in school!

I wanted to go to Yoga tonight.  I haven’t gone in a looooong time and wanted to get back at it.  It’s great strength training and at the same time restful.  BUT, many kiddos’ homework and my husband having a prior commitment nixed that.  Even though the yoga would have been beneficial, I was very glad I had gone for a walk/run this morning.

This morning laundry was waiting.  In piles the size of mountains.  Dishes were waiting (they still are). Clothes piled in the living room were begging me to mark them for our upcoming garage sale.

And yet…I worked out.  I knew it was going to be a long day and I would need it.  I was hoping I would have time to go to Yoga tonight.  I considered heeding the call of all things waiting and trusting that Yoga would come later.  So glad I practiced what I preached and took care of myself first!

As I coach women, I often tell them how important it is to take care of themselves.  “If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others.”  What is it they say on an airplane?  Put your own oxygen mask on FIRST, then take care of the person next to you.  Why?  You can’t help someone else if you aren’t breathing!

The same is so very true with living healthy.  I can only imagine how much more stressed out about homework I would have been tonight had I not had those lovely endorphins pulsing through me earlier in the day.

How often do moms tell their kids to eat healthy?  Or… “Just eat one cookie.  No, I’m serious, one cookie is plenty.”

And then, turn around and sneak a second cookie for yourself.  Or dare I say a third?

Guilty as charged.

Or…don’t forget to take your vitamins!  Drink more water!  Finish your milk!

I take better care of my kids than I do myself.  (Although you’d better believe they are catching you eat those extra cookies and they are learning from that, too.  But that’s another post).

Because that’s what we do as women, right?  We are caretakers.  We don’t “have time” to take care of ourselves because we’re taking care of so many other things (men I don’t mean to exclude you, you may be in this category, too, I just have a better perspective on women, you know, being as I am one).

Ken Davis’ doctor told him that you can’t put into a pill what exercise will do for you.

So, practice what you preach!!  Make exercise a priority.  Eat more fruits and veggies, less junk.  Take those vitamins.  Drink  your water.  Get enough calcium.

Let’s hold each other accountable, shall we?


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