Ode to a Mammogram

Oh Mammo, oh Mammo, why do you squish me so?

My 15 year old daughter is appalled that I talk about the girls getting squished. I tell her it’s a Mom’s job to embarrass her daughter.

Friday I got my second mammogram.  I did my first at 37 for a baseline.  They don’t really say that’s necessary anymore.  However, they do recommend getting one at 40.  An age I hit this very year.

It’s really not so bad.  As long as you don’t mind not having any sense of modesty.  But hey, I lost that when I gave birth.  If you can let that go, you’ll be fine.

Oh and the squishing.  But it’s mostly pressure, not pain.  At least for me.  Although you may not want to go at that crazy time of month where they’re most tender.

The highlight for me this year?  The attendant (I’m sure she has a much more highly esteemed name, but I don’t know it) asked me,

“Have you lost weight?”

Uhm, yes.

Sigh.  Three years ago I was 25 pounds heavier.  Pretty sure the first 10 pounds came off my boobs.

I still have about 20 extra pounds scattered across my midsection, thighs and bottom, but thankfully, my breasts are as small as they should be.

Why oh why is every woman’s cry.

The highlight?  I got a chocolate and a bottle of water as I left.  Maybe the calories from the chocolate will deposit where I want them to.  A girl can always dream!

But seriously.  Mammograms are important.  M doctor said every other year after 40 is fine, but every year after 50 is a must.

Who’s next?


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