Health and Habits Challenge

Health Challenge 2013Are you in need of some motivation to get healthy before the holidays?  Do you need accountability?  Would you like to make some new healthy habits?

Then join us!  Join what?!?! Well, here’s a bit of information.  You’ll get a few more details when you join.  Leave me a comment, or let me know on Facebook that you’d like to join.

What you need to know:

  • This is an 6-Week Challenge from Monday, October 14-Sunday, November 24, 2013
  • Cost is FREE!
  • Challenge is limited to people 13 years old and up
  • There is a weekly point sheet for each of the 6 weeks
  • You will be given a journal sheet to keep track of your food intake
  • There will be a Facebook page set up only for Challenge Members to encourage each other!
  • We are focusing on being healthy, not the number on a scale.  HOWEVER, many times weight loss is necessary for some to be healthy.  If you want additional help with this (for example, counting calories) please contact me.
  • Turn in Points. Each week, you’ll email me your total points for that week
  • Help and Honesty!  This challenge requires each individual to be completely honest and take no short-cuts when calculating points.  Please don’t give up your integrity for the sake of a few points! If you need help calculating your points, I’m here for you.
  • Prizes will be given to the top three people who have the most total weekly points!
  • Mark your calendars–there will be an end of Challenge party for those in my area on November 26!

Here’s an example of the point sheets:

week 1You can do this.  We can do this together.

If there’s something we’re working on that you just can’t accomplish PLEASE don’t let that stop you from joining.  For example, if you are a mom of a little one and there’s no way you can get 8 hours of sleep, that’s ok!!  Try your best, that’s all that’s required.

Join us!  Leave a comment here that you’d like to join, or comment on my Facebook site.  I’m excited to work with you and join YOU in your journey for a healthier life.


35 thoughts on “Health and Habits Challenge

  1. I am in also!! you are awsome Carey! I need some more motivation and hoping this helps me get those 10-15 pounds off I have been struggling with.

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