Get Back Up Again

Ever had a bad day?  Of course, everyone has.  Ever have a bad week?  Yep, those too.  Bad month…or year even.

Disclaimer:  This post is primarily for those on the Challenge, but everyone can benefit.  So read on!

I’ve been asked if people have to lose points for circumstances out of their control.

What about the nasty 24 hour bug?  Lying in bed all day.  Can’t eat…so no veggies and fruits.  Can’t exercise.  Can’t even drink water or contact someone else on the Challenge.

Is that fair?  Should a person lose points?

Fair?  Uhm, nope.  But is life fair?

Just ask my kids, they’ll tell you.  Life’s not fair.

More than likely it will happen to someone else on the Challenge too.  No, probably not everyone.  But most.  Someone else will have a child who’s sick all night long.  Or a family emergency.  Maybe a work emergency.  The list could go on and on.

So, yes, you’ll lose points.

What about the person who gets influenza or pneumonia and is out for a week?  They lose so many points, should they just give up?

Granted, this is a contest of sorts.  But if you’re in it for the prizes you’re gonna be disappointed!  Not that I won’t do my best.  But at this point my website isn’t making a dime.  I’m not doing it for the money, so that’s ok.  But…that means there is no trip to Jamaica for the grand prize winner!

So what are YOU in it for?  Health, I hope.  And life long habits.  Cuz a prize, or the glory of a win is just momentary.  But healthy habits?  Those can change you for a lifetime.

So if you find you’re losing points for a day, or even a week, what do you do?  You get back up, baby!  This is your life!  Grab hold and don’t let go.


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