Quality Vitamins

Do you take vitamins?

There’s debate over this within general and medical communities.  I tend to fall into the take them category.  Unless, of course, you are absolutely certain you’re getting all the necessary vitamins from your food.  Are you eating loads of high quality fruits and veggies, lean meats and fish?  The recommended daily amounts are HUGE.

Where do you fall?  Do some research.  Talk to a doctor or two.

My suggestion is to take quality vitamins.  But make sure to talk to your doctor about it.  You don’t want to overdo it or have interactions with any medications you’re taking.

But PLEASE take this advice.  Buy quality.  In general, stay away from the Wal-Mart aisle unless you know you have success with it.

My two life examples:

At 3 we discovered my son was anemic (iron deficiency).  This seemed crazy to me.  We live in the heart of beef country and consume quite a bit.  But for some reason a blood test showed us he was low on iron.  That was causing random pain in his feet and legs.  What do you give a 3 year old?  Flinestones with iron!  And yes there is debate whether you should give your child Flinestones.  But, 3 weeks later, another blood test showed his iron levels were normal.  Yeah!  To this day, if he forgets to take them he has issues.  So we know they’re working.

Then there’s my personal experience.  I struggle with tension headaches.  Yuck.  A chiropractor told me to try magnesium.  Muscles need calcium to contract, and magnesium to relax.  She told me I couldn’t OD on it (like you can some other vitamins, like iron), but it could cause diarrhea if I took too much, too fast.  She game me a mg range.  So off to Wal-Mart I went.  Buying a “name brand.”  I started on the low side just to be safe.  Gratefully, I did not get diarrhea.  HOWEVER, I had horrible gas.  Oh. My. Word.  Let’s just say it was a good thing I was alone in the house that day.  I think the whole house stunk!  Shortly after I went to a vitamin store in a city nearby for my magnesium.  I could up my dose with NO side effects.

Try this with your vitamins.  Put one in a glass of water.  If it doesn’t dissolve in 15 minutes or so, get rid of it.  It probably isn’t doing you much good.

There’s something to quality, people.  You’ll pay more, for sure.  But isn’t it worth it?  This is your body and time we’re talking about.  Make it count.


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