Fish Oil

Are you taking fish oil or another omega-3 supplement?

Why not?  Oh, I see, you’re eating fish at least 2 times a week.  A good fatty fish with no mercury.  And you’re not frying it, right? You’re also supplementing with walnuts and almonds? Well then, you’re excluded.  If you think you’re getting enough.

Everyone else, may I suggest you jump on board?

Fish oil is a great “brain food.”  It can help with depression, Alzheimer’s and other disorders. Often it’s used to give you a happier heart.  It can lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

It can help with painful periods for women. Pain and swelling.  Eye problems. Diabetes and asthma.  The list goes on.

My friend’s son has seen improvement in his ADD.  His teachers can see a difference in just 2 weeks of taking it daily.

I take it for my dry eyes.  Guess what?  I’ve been told that everything gets drier as you age.  Thank you 40.  Twice in 6 months I went to the eye doctor because my contact flipped and was lost in eye cyber-space somewhere.  The eye doctor suggested fish oil.  I can definitely tell the difference.

What prompted this post?  I’ve been forgetting to take it and my eyes have gotten drier.  So a filled up a weekly pill box so I won’t forget!

Give it a try.  But remember, always consult your physician.  You don’t want it to interact with anything else your taking, or adversely effect any condition you may have.

Have trouble with fishy aftertaste?  Remember to always buy quality!  Make it worth your time and effort.  Your body will thank you.

Resources: WebMD;  American Heart Association


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