Fall Challenge Winner

I’m excited to have a guest blogger, Sara Y, today.  She was the winner of our last Health and Habits Challenge!  She not only got going on some great healthy habits, but won a Subway Card, a Fitness Card, and a Massage! There’s a new Challenge starting January 6…stay tuned…we’d love to have you!  Thank you, Sara, for your insights!

I signed DSC_2209up for this challenge as a way to help me improve my eating habits, and try to be more healthy.

Day 1 of the challenge was, well, a challenge. Getting all those fruits and veggies in was a challenge the first couple days, until I read in the forum that some participants were making green smoothies. I bought the ingredients to make one, and tried it the next day. Hmm – I have to say it wasn’t bad, but not quite as sweet as I was hoping. Day 2 of smoothie making was a little better, but still not impressed. Advice given to me from someone who makes smoothies regularly was “drink the smoothie within 1 hour of making it.” This was probably the best advice for me. Instead of making 2 days worth at a time and keeping in the fridge, I made 1 each morning before work. I loved that having a smoothie for breakfast every morning filled me up, and also helped me get my fruits and a veggie serving for the day. It is so much easier to eat healthy all day long when the day starts out right.

I love water, so making sure that I drank most of my water before 3pm was the biggest focus.

I have kids that love sweets – so I had to keep things in the house for them to eat. I bought sweets that wouldn’t tempt me, and didn’t have a problem leaving them alone.

It was hard to pass on the sweets the first little while, but after about a week of passing on the sweets, I found it empowering to know that I COULD pass on them, and I really didn’t even miss them.

Carey was nice and allowed 100 calories of sweets per day, so there were a few times when I would have a small bite of something because, let’s admit – I am human, and love sweets.

I liked the accountability partner or team mate communication that was encouraged daily. It certainly helps to have someone you know you have to answer to.

Overall, I learned that I can be healthy, as we all can, if we set our minds to it. Everyone has a bad day, but the phrase “tomorrow is a new day” kept me going! – don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do yesterday, wake up in the morning with a positive attitude and start the new day!

Thanks, Carey, for all your time in putting this challenge together and encouraging everyone along the way! I look forward to the next challenge!

Thank you to OC Physical Therapy, Robin’s School of Dance, Cypress Massage, and Hair on Hickory for the generous donations to our Challenge winners!


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