Breakfast of Champions?

Yesterday I took my eldest daughter to school.  It’s homecoming week.  Each day during the week they’ve had different “themes.” Yesterday was “senior citizen day” (all you senior citizens try not to roll your eyes!).  Of all things, she borrowed a wheelchair to ride around in for the day.  That along with a bun in her hair–which we sprayed white–a blanket and a stuffed cat on her lap, she was ready for her latter years.

The wheelchair was not bus worthy, so we opted for the car.  Before we left, she proposed we go through Taco Johns for breakfast.  It’s not something we normally do, so I agreed.  It would be a special treat.

We went all out.  Got the whole meal.  Bacon and egg burrito (I ordered sausage but I think I got bacon?), oj, and of course, potato oles (I love saying that word…ole!  Makes me want to throw my hat up in the air or something).

I dropped her off and, in the usual American way, ate my food while driving home.

Oh. My. Word.

My stomach was not impressed.  Greasy hashbrown-like potatoes and a heavy duty burrito to start off my day.  The only thing my stomach liked was the orange juice, which was twice the size it needed to be.  I couldn’t even finish the burrito.

Apparently my stomach has been adapting to my healthier breakfast eating habits.  Yikes.

Not only was my stomach complaining, I was tired.  I no longer felt like working out.  And frankly, I was kinda depressed.  Bummed.  I felt yucky.

Not the breakfast of champions.  Oof.  Along with that, I had consumed 75% of my daily calories, and it was only 9 am.

Isn’t it interesting how food affects us?  It affects how we feel, how we perform, our energy level, and our health.

The opposite is true as well.  Where not-so-good-for-you foods can have an adverse effect, healthy foods can have a good effect.  I always feel great after having a green smoothie.  My energy level goes up and I feel more optimistic.

Long ago, God let us know that all foods are now acceptable. But that doesn’t mean they’re always the right choice.

In I Corinthians Paul says, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.” (6:12)

This verse has come to mind a lot lately. Let’s be wise about our choices.  Our bodies will thank us for it!


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